Decided to take a summer break from social media and I ramble and rant about it in this journal entry :)
ImageMagick is an awesome command line tool for image processing but it can be somewhat unintuitive to use with its many options. This journal entry describes the process I use to create image thumbnails with ImageMagick.
Comic illustration for Colour Collective on the Twitter with the Apple Green as the focal color. Essentially, a couple regrets giving their pooch treats due to the inevitable ...
NIX Cut Command
I am embarrassed to say that I have not utilized this awesome Linux/UNIX® command to its fullest in the many years I've used the NIX-like operating systems. This journal entry will most likely be a work-in-progress and will be a personal cheat sheet.
My contribution to the May 19, 2017 Colour Collective challenge on Twitter focusing on the color Baker-Miller Pink. Sounded like a pretty cool warm color :D
E is for Echidna
My submission for the Twitter Animal Alphabets challenge for Monday, May 14, 2017.
Dogloon for May 2017
Yet another Twitter drawing challenge. This one to create a helium-filled canine :)
Pig and Bird for Twitter Art Exhibit 2017
It's kind of cool when your art can help out someone or something. There is a yearly charity art exhibit and auction called "The Twitter Art Exhibit,", and the proceeds from the auction are donated to a worthy cause. After you sign up, the goal is to create a postcard sized traditional media artwork.
Animal Alphabets 2016 B
These are the entries so far for the second session of #AnimalAlphabets on Twitter. This post will be a work-in-progress until all 26 challenges have been posted, so be sure to check back at least once a week around Wednesday or so, to get the latest entry.
Deal with the Reality on the Canvas
The Art professors in school were always "out there" so to speak. They were always talking cryptically about various art concepts and ideologies. Sometimes you wondered how they got to that borderline crazy, magical place in the first place.
My First Art Crisis
Even though the word "Art" is in the blog post title, the focus is actually about cake. So what does "cake" have to do with art? Well, if you're a cake decorator, your decoratin' is art. However, in this case my crisis had nothing to do with the art and everything to do with cake.