Vacation Like a Sloth

Had a little downtime at the airport while waiting for our flight and decided to do a make-up assignment for the #SlothloonDay on Twitter. Technically the sloth is supposed to be a balloon itself, but I used some artistic license to create a variant on the theme. Then I thought, "how long would it take a sloth to inflate a balloon?"

Answer: Forever :P

Twitter #SlothloonDay Cartoon Illustration

Seems as if there is an incredible interest in sloths these days. I did not know much about the species until recently, and they almost look human to me. However, "slowness" is their most noteworthy characteristic, and I simply love the fact that they take almost forever to do almost nothing.

In fact the venerable sloth became my role model for our mini-vacation. I am from the school of thought where you are actually supposed to relax on vacations unlike some who have a full vacation agenda that starts in the wee morning hours and makes the vacation feel just like working. To heck with that! Taking your sweet time to basically everything and then adding a nap or two on top of that is probably the best way to relax on vacation. Do you agree?

From here on in my new vacation motto will be "Vacation like a Sloth!"