Pig and Bird for Twitter Art Exhibit 2017

It's kind of cool when your art can help out someone or something. There is a yearly charity art exhibit and auction called "The Twitter Art Exhibit,", and the proceeds from the auction are donated to a worthy cause. After you sign up, the goal is to create a postcard sized traditional media artwork.

Here is my piece titled "Hot Cocoa" from last year's exhibit. Unfortunately, Hot Cocoa didn't find a home :( and maybe we'll have better luck this time around. It's been kind of hectic year overall and I got a late start with this piece, but hopefully it will be in the post on it's way to the UK in time to meet the March 17th cutoff date.

My contribution for Twitter Art Exhibit 2016
Hot Cocoa - Twitter Art Exhibit 2016

Introducing Pig and Bird

This year I decided to go more whimsical and cartoony instead. Notice the "rig" in the first process image? Yep. It's a canvas panel that's a bit filthy from accumulated dust and who knows what else stained it (hidden by the artwork of course.) Last year I struggled with creating such a small piece using acrylic paint on paper. The actual dimensions were 12cm by 16cm and it was hard to keep it stablized for any length of time. This year I decided to use a slightly larger piece and tape it down which seemed to help, but another issue cropped up. Paper buckling. As soon as the gel texturing medium and base coats were applied, it bubbled up like heating a tortilla in a pan :P.

Oh well.

Painting in acrylics is always exhilarating since there is no "UNDO BUTTON" to fix your mistakes like in digital art creation. Technically, you can paint over the problem areas again, but if you mix your own colors (as opposed to using colors straight from the tube,) there's always the risk of a color mismatch depending upon your style. Who would have though creating a traditional media painting would satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you? Anyway this goal for this piece was "fast and loose."

Pig and Bird Process, image 1
Pig and Bird process image 1.
Pig and Bird Process, image 2
Pig and Bird process image 2.

The Final Art!

And after several glazing layers, the pig and bird are ready to ship!

Pig and Bird Final Art image
The final art after glazing.