Learning Blender 3D ... Again

Piggie Render in Blender 3D.

Been goofing off with Blender 3D for as long as I can remember but never really took the time to commit it to muscle memory. It is kind of embarrassing since I've known about the program since the turn of this century. Always started off with good intentions and then got frustrated and put it on the queue to learn at a later point.

It is very rewarding to get even a minimal work out in Blender. To an advanced user, the piggie is above is probably very basic, but it does incorporate a fair amount of effort, since there is modeling, texturing (materials here), and rendering involved. Not to mention a boatload of errors and corrections :D!

I suspect a lot of good-intentioned artists get frustrated with Blender 3D and just give up. What they probably need is a series of small wins — just something to show a little progress for all the blood, sweat, and tears put in to understanding even a minuscule part of this powerful program. It doesn't help that the program is constantly being updated, and in some cases hotkeys get remapped which can also interfere with your learning progress.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get around the learning curve. One just has to keep trying to create something and be okay with a deluge of mistakes at the beginning, not unlike the software engineering practice of throwing the first design away.

I'm thinking about blogging about some of my learning Blender 3D. It seems kind of futile though since there are probably thousands of tutorials around the Internet and many of those are videos. For me, though, the videos are too long in most case, and I actually prefer static tutorials. Static tutorials probably have a very short shelf life due the ever changing model of Blender 3D, though I suspect the core concepts would still be valid across versions.

For any of you just starting or learning Blender 3D...don't give up!