French Fries in Twilight

This is a new work painted in an Expressionist style using acrylic on gesso board. "French Fries in Twilight" isn't the actual name though — the real name is "Succulent in Twilight." My friend made a remark on FB that it made her want french fries after I posted this process shot. Hey, why not? :)

Real Title: Succulent in Twilight

Succulent in Twilight. 8x10in acrylic on gesso board.

This piece is one of the newer works created using palette knives primarily and a tiny bit of brush work. Ironically, I used to use the palette knives themselves to mix up paint for the brush work. Not too long ago, I said: "What the heck?" and decided to create a painting with mostly palette knives.

Now I'm hooked!

What a revelation. Where have these tools been all my life?

Basically, the palette knives hinted that they had been trapped in a toolbox and have never been used.

My palette knives not feeling the love :(

So be it.