E is for Echidna

Didn't really know anything about the Echidna until this Animal Alphabets Challenge. The Echidna is a pretty unique animal just Google it and check out a few sites. In essence, they can be described as "spiny anteaters." Of course the first thing that came to mind is that with the spines, they'll probably need to exercise extreme caution during mating times! XD


Sometimes the beauty of drawing a subject is not drawing the subject at all. Your mind can fill in the blanks based on the context of the drawing as pointed out by one of my friends on The Twitter. However, in this case it would be tough to get "the joke" if you didn't already know of the Echidna.

In retrospect, the joke could have been enhanced by actually drawing an Echidna in front of the bushes to give the reader some context. The Echidna could also have a thought bubble of its own maybe commenting about his peers' actions behind the bushes.