A Crab for July 2017 Pinch Punch Post


Was only away from Twitter for slightly less than two weeks and found that their UI and iOS app had had some major updates. Whoever said "Internet time moves incredibly fast" was not joking. Twelve days doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme, but it is more than sufficient for vendors to roll out several new app features right under your nose.

I was not entirely sure how long I would be on hiatus, but even just a few days was rejuvenating. There have been some RIFs at the day job and my responsibilities have increased substantially and have forced me to put in really long hours as a result — that alone may have been impetus for wanting to disconnect temporarily in the first place.

And Now for some Crab

Here's the post-hiatus, inaugural illustration for the monthly Pinch Punch Post challenge. The topic was "crab" if you couldn't already tell from the slightly abstract crab in the illustration. It is funny that when hearing crab, the first thing that came to mind was a "crabby" demeanor as opposed the actual crustacean. After thinking it through, it seemed perfect to make the crab "crabby," almost mimicking my psyche before embarking on a social media hiatus :P