Cheese Treats

Apple Green was the target colour for the June 2, 2017 Colour Collective on the Twitter. Not exactly sure why but this color reminded my of a SciFi movie where a noxious gas was released to wipe out some enemy and they had to apply their gas masks to avoid annihilation.

I thought, jokingly, this was no different than the time we purchased some beef pistle for our dogs not actually knowing where pistle comes from. Despite the source, we had never seen our dog enjoy a treat so much. Little did we know until later that our 90lb Labradoodle lapdog would use his digestive system to weaponize that beef pistle. The resulting fumes were so bad I thought we would have to check into a hotel for the night. Without further adieu, I give you "Cheese Treats."

"Cheese Treats" - Colour Collective 2017-06-02