I have been involved with art nearly my entire life, and I was a Fine Arts major from middle school, throughout high school, and for some odd reason I changed gears and went into tech after I first started in the Graphic Design program in college.

Several years later I returned to college to pursue Fine Arts study, and that period marked the beginning of my interest in post-impressionist art. The 20th Century Modern Art Movement is my favorite period of creativity, especially the Expressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism disciplines.

By day I design, develop, and maintain enterprise web applications as well as provide production support using mainly the LEMP stack and Drupal. I also use tech from the Java ecosystem and Python for integration and tools development. Recently I've begun to log more flight time on the front end aspects of web dev rather than focusing mainly on the backend, so don't be surprised if the UI/UX on this site changes at a rapid pace!

During my free time I create humorous illustrations / cartoons and fine art both digitally and in traditional media constantly searching for that "signature style." Some newer interests include surface pattern design, generative art, and getting more stuff up on POD :)


Print On Demand


  • 2017 Twitter Art Exhibit (April 2017. Molly Olly's Wishes UK)
  • 2016 Twitter Art Exhibit (April 2016. Foster's Pride NYC US)

Illustration / Commissions

  • Book cover illustration. Blitzkrieg: Flight of the Valkyrie: A Superhero Spy Thriller by Christopher Vale
  • T-shirt design for 911 Operators Fundraiser


  • "Computer Dating" cartoon as editorial illustration. Readings for Writers 14th Edition.

Contests / Challenges

  • Colour Collective
  • Finish the Scribble
  • Animal Alphabets
  • Pinch Punch Post
  • Sketchbook Sunday
  • AnimalLoonies